As you make your way past the numerous marquees at Indofest keep an eye out for Bali-born sculptor Wayan Dudug. Pause for a minute, or maybe an hour, to marvel at the skill he displays in transforming dull pieces of material into masterpieces of art fit for a Raja’s garden or palace.

Born in Ubud, the art centre of Bali, Wayan’s passion for carving began at an early age, beginning with wood. It went from being a simple hobby to him becoming a professional artist. His fine skill didn’t go unnoticed, as in 1993 he was invited to appear at the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Not long after, he packed his bags again and made Adelaide his permanent home. Due to a shortage of suitable wood for carving, Wayan began experimenting with stone. It turned out to be the perfect fit and Wayan has been turning rock into beautiful Balinese inspired pieces of art ever since!

As well as creating stone sculptures for Adelaide gardens, Wayan is passionate about sharing his craft with others. He often visits schools as an Artist in Residence, teaching staff and students, not only about stone sculpturing, but his beloved homeland Bali and its rich culture as well.  

As well as demonstrating his skill at Indofest, Wayan is also selling a selection of his paintings and other handicrafts. In a generous gesture he is donating 50% of proceeds from his sales to Indofest to support its nominated charity Yayasan Senyum Bali, an organization that facilitates the delivery of health care to people with craniofacial disabilities in Bali and other Indonesian islands.

Be sure to visit our stone sculpture Wayan Dudug in his marquee at the Indofest Cultural and Culinary Festival Sunday 25 September from 11:00am. Purchase a hand-made Indofest souvenir to take home and help support others in need!