Indofest for Schools 2016

“All the teachers were most impressed with how the students participated and sounded when they played their angklung. I have had many students tell me how much they enjoyed taking part in your workshop”


Indofest Schools Program

The Indofest Schools Program (ISP) has now run for the third time engaging 21 schools in SA and nine Indonesian Community groups. The Community groups add up to 50 Indonesian performers who present their culture in various ways.

The program was designed to bring both South Australian school students and Indonesian community members together to foster better understanding between our two countries. This has been achieved through language and cultural based workshops and presentations that included Kandanga Sundae; Angling, Samna Dance, Batik Dance, Flores, Sumba, Timor and Alor Cultural dance and songs, Children games, art and crafts, amongst other cultural activities.

Firda Firdaus as the Project ISP Coordinator together with her very competent ISP team of Hannah May as School Coordinator, and Tami Sudibyo and Irma Madja as the Cultural Group Coordinators, were putting their best efforts  to galvanise  the program into a fantastic ISP year  with so much positive feedback from the school community, among others.

For many students, these workshops gave them the opportunity to meet with Indonesian people for the first time, and to practise their Indonesian language with natural speakers. While for the community groups the ISP workshops provided them with highly engaging and unique experiences that they enjoyed. For the teachers, the ISP supports and highlights the profile of Indonesian language program in their school community, while also acting as a platform for a closer people-to-people engagement.

Indofest Short Film Competition- Kita Beda tetapi Sama

The Short Film Competition is the second part to the successful ISP for 2016. The theme for this year’s Film Competition is: “Kita Beda tetapi Sama” (We are all different, yet the same)

For the first time to ensure support of the Indonesian teachers, Indofest ISP team held a complimentary Film workshop in July for teachers to equip them with skills on how to produce a short film. A professional filmmaker Scott Basket hosted the workshop. Scott discussed various methods in how to create an engaging film within a classroom setting.  

There were 11 schools participating in this competition and the finalists were announced at the Indofest Cultural & Culinary Festival on Sunday, 25 September. Congratulations to:

Primary School

1st Crafers Primary – Rambut Emas  
2nd Hills Montessori – Ini Rambut Saja  
3rd Hills Montessori – Berbeda tapi Sama: Keluarga   
4th Hills Montessori – Mari ke Sekolah Kami 

High School 

1st St Johns Grammar – Makan Apa?
2nd St Johns Gramar – Makan Di Mana?