At the AGM of the Association last November a new Committee was appointed to arrange activities for the Australian-Indonesian Association of South Australia. A huge thank you for all the work of the previous committee whose terms came to an end: outgoing President Dr Tji Srikandi-Goodhart, Vice President, Geoff Penhall, Secretary, Nathan Butcher, and Metty Penhall. Thanks to Eni Mosel who was Treasurer in 2016.

Introducing the new Committee for 2017, pictured from left standing: Andrie Bramintya; Anthony Cramp (Assistant Secretary), Priyambudi Sulistiyanto (Vice President – Indonesian), Rita Soemarno (Secretary), Abby Witts, Brett Calliss (Vice President – Australian). Sitting, from left: Seisia Kane, Jane Russell, Eni Mosel, Firda Firdaus (President). Other committee members, Vita Adi Putra (Treasurer) and Scott Baskett were absent for the photo.

Each of the members will introduce themselves in the New Year. In the meantime, we wish you all a happy festive season and New Year and we look forward to sharing some wonderful events and activities in 2017, including the continuation of our successful English classes.