Indofest-Adelaide is a festival for people of all ages to enjoy. This does not only include the audience, but the performers as well. Ten year old Syifa and her younger sister Althea (aged 8) from Malang, East Java will perform the dance ‘Tari Beskalan Putri’ on the main stage during the Indofest Cultural and Culinary Carnival on Sunday, 25th September at the Cultural Precinct along North Terrace.

The dance depicts a traditional Javanese ceremony to show thanks to the land for providing them with bumper harvests and ample food to share.  Nowadays, this dance is often performed to welcome guests at ceremonies

Syifa first began learning traditional Javanese dance forms in 2013. Not wanting to miss out, Althea began the following year. Their interest in Javanese dance was first sparked about three years ago when this dance form was introduced into their school’s dance curriculum.

The girls have lived in Adelaide since 2014 with their parents. Their father Herri is currently completing a PhD at Flinders University while their mother Ninuk is studying a PhD at Adelaide University. The girls love attending school and learning English. In their free time, Syifa likes to draw and do handicrafts while Althea enjoys playing basketball. Watching TV is also high on their list of favourite pastimes with ABC Kids voted channel of choice.

After dancing at the Indonesian Independence Day celebration in Goodwood last year, the girls are now looking forward to wearing their traditional dance costumes once again and sharing their culture with the people of Adelaide.  “Syifa and Althea love performing in front of an audience which in return boosts their confidence. Furthermore, it increases their respect of our heritage,” says their father Herri.