Dewi returns to the Indofest Cultural and Culinary Festival this year with the solo Sundanese dance ‘Langeor’, an energetic dance consisting of agile hand, shoulder and hip movements. Dancing is in Dewi’s blood, having been born into a family of performers in Subang, not far from Bandung in West Java.

It was while watching her father, a famous ‘Sesingaan’ dancer who goes by the nickname ‘Robot’, play traditional music and perform in front of audiences as a child that Dewi became interested in dancing. After finishing year 10 her love for dancing and the arts took a serious turn when she was accepted into the prestigious Institute of Arts and Culture (ISBI) in Bandung.

Dewi’s brother Ega Robot also followed in his father’s footsteps and is known throughout Indonesia as a skilled musician. He also played a part in igniting Dewi’s passion for dancing, often inviting her to perform as part of his shows throughout Indonesia. Ega’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed here in Australia either as he has been handpicked by OzAsia Festival Director Joe Mitchell to share his fast paced, energetic drumming style with Adelaide audiences at this year’s OzAsia Festival.

As a special treat for our Indofest audience Dewi and Ega will be performing together for the first time on Australian soil here on the Indofest Main Stage at 2:30pm!! Come early and reserve your seats!  A special thanks to Joseph Mitchell and OzAsia Festival for allowing this opportunity to happen.